Sell your home

When selling your home, PropertiesNL advises and guides you in order to achieve a good sale, in which the optimal price is achieved. We do this on the basis of our broad market knowledge.

The strategy used for the sale of your home is determined in consultation with you. In order to reach the general public, your home will be spread out by Funda, other housing platforms and on social media. This could include, for example, an own Facebook page for your home and on LinkedIn to immediately notify other brokers about the sale of your property.

PropertiesNL offers full support during the saleproces, from the first consultation to the key transfer at the notary.

We offer various so-called sales packages, which allow you to decide for yourself how much your home will be deported and to what extent the services will be available. The packages differ: for example in the photos taken by the broker or the hiring of a professional photographer. Of course, the choice of the package will not make any difference in the efforts of our broker to make the sale of your property a success.

Below is an overview of the services that are standard in our sales packages:

- Advice discussion
- Valuation
- Control of (legal) documents
- Making commercial photos
- Measuring the dwelling and determining the number of square meters
- Drawing of house plans
- The placement on Funda and other housing platforms
- Setting up the promotional campaign, including through social media
- Leading viewings
- Conducting price negotiations
- Guidance to the notary, where the key transfer takes place

For more information about the various sales packages and the further possibilities. We can make an apointment, the broker of PropertiesNL will tell you all the ins and outs.

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