Buy a home

Enabling an expert with the purchase of your new home is advisable, so you will not be faced with surprises. The PropertiesNL broker guides you through the process and inspects, checks and negotiates for you to make the right purchase, where your interest is always paramount.

Many things come to mind when buying a house. There may be several snakes in the field for a "layman" in this area. For example, there is additional regulation in the area of ​​apartment rights, because you are dealing with an Association of Owners. It is also common in Amsterdam that the house is located on leasehold land. This is simply the land you rent for an amount per month / year from the municipality or institutional investors, the land can also be bought off for decades. The PropertiesNL broker gives purchase advice in order to realize the right deal.

Below is an overview of the services that are standard in our purchase packages:

- Mapping your living requirements
- Map your housing requirements
- Providing advice on the possibilities for the purchase process
- Searching for housing
- Viewing homes|
- Inspecting the home property inspectere
- Checking the (legal) documents
- Conducting price negotiations
- Guiding to the notary where the key transfer takes place