Rent a home

PropertiesNL also offers guidance in finding a rental home. 
At the moment you choose to be accompanied by us in the rental of your new home, we will support you in identifying your housing requirements.
We also help in finding homes, we go along with the viewings - or do this for you if for any reason you can not be present yourself.
The delivered legal documents are thoroughly reviewed for you, so that you can be sure that these are in order and that there are no unusual and / or disadvantageous issues for you.
We also check whether the property to be rented complies with legislation and regulations and whether you pay too much. 
This applies in particular to rental housing that falls within the social sector, with a fixed rental price per object.

set the rent itself.Whether the home is in the free or social rental sector is determined on the basis of the WOZ valIn the free rental sector, the lessor is free to ue and on how many so-called points the house is valued.
Below is an overview of the services that are standard in our rental packages:

- Mapping your living requirements
- Giving advice about the possibilities
- Searching for housing
- Viewing homes
- Inspecting the home
- Checking the property for the right rentalprice