About us


PropertiesNL is a brokerage firm that is active in Amsterdam and engages in the sale, purchase, rental and lease of housing. After working as a freelance broker under a franchise in Amsterdam for many years, Koen van Koolwijk started a real estate agency.

We are an energetic company where the wishes and the contact with the customer come first. In consultation with the customer, the route is determined to sell the property optimally or rent it out or find the ideal purchase or rental home based on the housing requirements. We are happy to advise you on the possibilities we offer.

Knowledge of the market
There have been a lot of developments in the Amsterdam housing market in recent years. It went from the "bad" time - from the year 2008 to the year 2014 - to the moment of today, where the mortgage interest rate is historically low and the houses are sold very fast. 

Due to the extensive experience in the Amsterdam housing market, the real estate agent of PropertiesNL can give you all information about the ins and outs that are currently playing. This could include the current prices and the reason that a certain object has been put on the market for that specific price. If this deviates from the real value - too high or too low - this will immediately be noticed by the real estate agent of PropertiesNL. In addition to knowledge about the real market value, we also have extensive knowledge in the field of the applicable laws and regulations that come with these matters.

These insights, among other things, will increase your chances with an PropertiesNL broker to always pay the right price for your new home or get it for your current home. Together with you, we determine the right course to reach the most favorable deal for you.