Rent out your home

Rent out your home can be trickier than it seems. Partly because tenants have many rights, it is very important to make good and clear agreements in the form of a rental contract.

It is also very important to know whether your home is in the social or free rental sector. The social rental housing is in fact bound to a fixed rental price. The owner can not just determine a rental price. A real estate agent from PropertiesNL expertly checks in which category your property falls and then gives advice on the rent that can be used.

Screening of tenants is also an important aspect. This should include the identity check, where the tenant works and whether he can submit an employer's statement. At the financial level, it is also checked whether it is financially feasible for the candidate to rent the house.

PropertiesNL arranges all these matters for you, so that your property is rented out to a suitable candidate, for a good rental price in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. There is also the possibility of having the financial, technical management or both carried out by PropertiesNL, so that you as owner do not have much to worry about.

Below is an overview of the services that are standard in our rental packages:

- Writing the presentation text
- Making and placing photos / videos
- Advising the level of the rent
- Conducting viewings / open house
- Screening the tenant (s)
- Drafting the rental contract
- Technical management (optional)
- Financial management (optional)